Soulmate Song

Strolling down the slick pavement overcome with tears

Erupting with feelings of love

For my forever soulmate 

Oh, how my dress of silver and gold 

Had brought together the match of me a ballerina 

And you a talented Designer 


I remember that one fateful night Tommy the Designer

Had come upon me as I was struck by tears 

Recognizable I was to him as a ballerina 

The dress I had made for the show was in ruins, one that I had made out of love 

It was sewn with strands of silver and gold 

For the dance I was to do with a song titled “Soulmate” 


A sad song for a man who believed for him, there was no Soulmate

Dragged he was into the life of a designer

Being the symbol of silver and gold 

As the years past he couldn’t help but be succumb by tears 

For he had earned the wrong type of love 

Being admired for his skills by many ballerina 


I’ve failed the studio as a ballerina 

I couldn’t dance to the song titled “Soulmate” 

I couldn’t dance the mans song of no love 

I couldn’t dance the cries of the designer 

I couldn’t stop his tears, and now I can’t stop my tears 

For I’ve ruined my elegant dress of gold 


The man was a representation of silver and gold 

A gift to every young ballerina

Who would stop the young girls from tears

While they danced upon the stage for their soulmate 

The young designer 

Gave the girls a chance at their love


In the embankment Tommy my young love 

Had taken my dress and sewn together the silver and gold 

From that point on I was this designers

Favorite ballerina 

For luckily he didn’t have a song titled “soulmate” 

And he wasn’t succumb by sad tears


But tears of love 

My silver and gold dress brought my soulmate 

My soulmate a designer and me a ballerina 


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