On This Sad Christmas Eve

The working man swiftly goes by a mugging 
Ignoring the fight, only interested in his destination,    
Bustling by the screams, the gang carries on stealing
Doesn't care about the malevolent situation
A pack cigarettes he brought, to satisfy his greed, 
As puffs back home, the helpless victim dies.
Ignoring the good, by stopping the ghastly deed.
On a shoulder of a strange policeman, the new orphan, he cries 
The heart-breaking words, ringing through his young ears.
A mother has been lost, her vulnerable child has been left alone. 
It will suffocate him, even in his timorous last years.
And the Christmas presents under the tree, doesn't warms his bones,  
he looks up, to his mother in the heavy clouds, 
Searching for a glimpse happiness and hope 
While his dead mother, wrapped in a shroud,
The little boy and his heart, doesn't know how to cope...

On this sad Christmas eve.    

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