I am a woman, I am the darkness.


Remember that I am the expression of darkness

I am that which carries the stars

I am the black night sky and the intuition that hears the howls of the wolf

I am all that you fear

When I should be held dear

I am a woman

In my heart is a flame that carries with it a message from the depths of the darkest parts of the ocean

In my mind is a light, that of which reaches the blackest voids and the most desolate unfounded parts of the universe

Cherish me and I promise to cherish the stars, that which guides man through the dessert

Adore me, for I am the moon, and I promise to guide the secret message within the bottle which swoons toward you with the tide

I am a mighty force, one not to be reckoned with

For if the woman falls, if the moon stops orbiting

The sun loses it's value and the earth shall turn to ice.

I also give life.

I am a woman.

  • Author: CaitEva (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 10th, 2020 10:26
  • Comment from author about the poem: I recently bought an ornament of Medusa, and currently am learning of Lunar adorations. My poem is inspired by the divine feminine in all it's forms.
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  • peto

    Medusa? Is that her with snakes as hair?
    Look at her and turn to stone.
    Felt this was written by someone very confident

    • CaitEva

      Yeah that's her! The story of Medusa to me, is a great representation of the demonisation of the divine feminine.

      I really appreciate that😄 I'm glad you enjoyed, thank you for your comment and kind words

    • Shearonder1987

      Great poetry, I loved it.

      • CaitEva


      • Doggerel Dave

        Like to tell about the divine feminine? I love women (not all, of course, I know my limitations - and theirs, some of them!). I consider myself a feminist and/or supporter - anything you could tell or refer me to which would add to the picture?
        I enjoyed the flow and imagery in your poem, BTW.
        Regards Dave

        • CaitEva

          Different people will tell you different interpretations of the divine feminine, if I were to tell you from what I've learned and picked up, it's that there is interwoven masculine and feminine energy within all things in the material plane.

          Things that greatly reflect the divine feminine (from what I know so far) is: The moon, the intuition, the inner world, sacred knowledge, the dark etc. Men also have within them the divine feminine.

          To give a better understanding of it from my view here is how I'd interpret the divine masculine: The sun, taking action, the outer world, the light. And women have masculine energy also.

          Basically yin/yang principles, I was greatly inspired by Medusa through this poem hence the dark nature of it, she fits the demonisation of the divine feminine very well and how many may fear intuition and their inner world, but without having an inner world to spark an idea, we couldn't manifest it in the outer world using masculine energy.

          I hope this answers what I'm getting at🙏

          Thank you for your comment I really appreciate it✨

          • Doggerel Dave

            Oh thanks so very much for that - I thought perhaps I had something to fear as I couldn't quite get my head round Medusa. However, if your meaning at base is that we are all a mix of feminine and masculine then I can happily live with that.
            Thanks for the effort and time you took to straighten me out.
            Regards Dave

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          • L. B. Mek

            'I am all that you fear
            When I should be held dear
            I am a woman'
            a powerful statement, written with such conviction, reminds me of:

            • CaitEva

              Aww what a great poem, it speaks for itself, thank you so much for sharing that with me💕 thank you for your comment✨

            • Blackhawkwings

              Wow! Excellency in its rarest and beautiful form. Love your Poem!

              • CaitEva

                Thankyou so much!🙏 I appreciate that✨

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