Rebecca Anne

Do unto me.

Hate me,
Berate me,
Unthinkably mistake me.

Test me,
Pester me,
Do this unto me regretlessly.

Harm me,
Disarm me,
I'll withstand you, oh so calmly.

Think you're clean of me,
Then dream of me,
Promise you'll be mine eternally.

Breathe me,
Teethe me,
For it is you who truly sees me.

Seduce me.
In truth we,
Wouldn't want it any differenly.

Love me,
Above thee,
Forever yours in our messy eternity.


  • peto

    Loved the rhyme, format , and content
    Impressive writing

    • Rebecca Anne

      Thank you, I really appreciate it!

    • Shearonder1987

      Love this nice poem, enjoyed reading.

    • Doggerel Dave

      Messy's right - must be terribly wearying.
      Regards Dave

    • orchidee

      Oohh, I dunno. I might swoon if I did this, in me sheltered life! Get the hoover out if it's gonna be messy then. I just cleaned the floor! lol

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