Give Thanks

When the drenching rains come, give thanks.
For so long we wandered through dry desert wastelands.

When the sun beats down mercilessly, give thanks.
From its warmth for so long were we lost in the freezing distance of sin.

When the winter winds whip relentlessly, give thanks.
For then He draws us close to the inner warmth of His Love Drawn-Near.

When the day, perchance, is brightly beautiful, give thanks.
For in the goodness of life is where we tend to forget our Maker.

Give thanks on that beautiful day, lest we forget God, and in the beauty
Become accursed.

For in our minds, when suffering escapes us, we may think,
"I have everything, and need nothing."

  • Author: BlueHeron77 (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 12th, 2020 11:14
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  • orchidee

    Good write Blue.

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Enjoyed it. Happy Holidays and Stay Safe

    • BlueHeron77

      Thank you very much.

    • dusk arising

      To the wonder of our omniptent all seeing all conquering god who hath control over all and everything we perceive.Give thanks when innocents are born malformed. Give praise when innocents are killed and left destitute by his storms. Give praise when he chooses not to save innocent lives from plague. Give praise when through fear his servants are permitted to practice peadophilia on our young. Give praise for the creation of his beings which lay teir eggs inside other beings so that they may die in agony being eaten alive.
      Give praise to reality and realise your religion was invented by man to control your mind.... which it obviouysly has.

      • BlueHeron77

        That's one view, I suppose.

        Although, I think in your view of things none of what you mentioned in your comment should be wrong.

        • dusk arising

          On this side of the atlantic just about everyone understands what sarcasm is and when its being used to make a point. Maybe you could check it out it's meaning in a dictionary.

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