Joker Wood

Coming Back – Dancing In A Triangle

It is a cycle
that I am in
going back and forth
going south and north
into the beginning
or probably the ending
it is a mystery
or is it a fantasy?


Do I know the answer?
Do I have such power?
Could I have that rhyme?
That gift...something that will shine.


I know I could
and I know that I would
break free from this cycle
and new and better people
in life
in this city
to be able to see
souls...that exist with Love...and Light.


- Joker Green



    Good Afternoon JOKER ~ ANGELA here ! Thanks for a great demonstration of human Ability & Agility by the CIRCÚS of the SUN ! I am a Flamenco Dancer & I wish I had their FLEXIBILITY ~ AMEN & AMEN
    Your POEM is very very ENIGMATIC !

    V 1. All our lives are CYCLIC ! We work We play ~ We Live We Love Each Y ear is the same ~ so as This Year follows Last Year and will morph into next Year ? BUT ~ PERHAPS 2020 is like no other Year - Before or Since?
    V 2. Well JOKER ~ Do YOU know the ANSWER
    V 3. Some do break free from the CIRCLE & progress to do greater things ~ AMEN ! Can You break free from the CIRCLE ? ? ?

    Thanks for sharing ~ Please check our SITE & our POEMS ~ Ta A & B !
    Blessings & Peace to YOU & YOURS
    Love Angela & Brian & Smokey Cat ! ! !

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