Robert Southwick Richmond

With Lady Luck in Las Vegas



Whitesound was her song. As if tied to the mast

you heard the drums, the pulse slushing in your ears,

your mother's voice singing of Cinderella,

Lady Luck laughing on her polychrome throne.


In a magicbook you found the random numbers

pure as the day they'd leaked from a resistor,

and there divined the formula of the world,

so marvelous your sense would not contain it.


To Vegas then you came, with a hunch, with a system,

Lady Luck loomed in the whir of the slots

where she wove the white digits she pulled over your eyes.


There was no wheel, no cards, no sense, no system,

but your head spun from the drinks. You crashed

on the random rocks outside the casino door.


  • FredPeyer

    Welcome to MPS Robert! Great start here. I like your poem and would love to read more.

    • Robert Southwick Richmond

      Thanks, FredPeyer! I see I can only post one poem a day. Took me a few minutes to master the MyPoeticSide formatting for a poem. Nobody after Arno Holz (1863-1929) should be allowed to format poetry with a middle axis (a bear to set in type, but a click of the mouse for a modern word processor).

      • FredPeyer

        I have the same problems, so I don't even try anymore. Whatever way it comes out, that's it. I guess the content is more important than the format. Happy writing!

      • orchidee

        Good write Robert.
        My poems, and some other poets, seem to be 'middle axis'. When typing them up they start from the left, then appear middle-centred!

        • Robert Southwick Richmond

          There's a bar at the top of the page you can use to format. You can change it from middle axis to left-justified. You can also change the type font and size, use italics, and a few other things.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          BRIAN HERE (Angela is My Wife since March 2020 !) Good Afternoon ROBERT ~ Welcome to MPS it is a PROACTIVE site ! Thanks for your first Poem ! Im a CHURCH DEACON so I dont gamble ~ BUT ~ I passed through VEGAS a couple of years ago ~ just to see if was as Bizarre as it is portrayed and it is ! Even in our small *Best Western* we had to wade through about 50 slot machines just to check in ! In the bigger Hotels people were shoving money in like zombies ! When a big win was anouncd (and t he money came pouring out of the machine) Jim Shlenk from INDEPENDENCE IOWA wins $1500 it made the Punters pour their Dollars in FASTE R !
          At VEGAS it seemed everybody had a SYSTEM & a DREAM & a big reliance on LADY LUCK ! Thanks for sharing it revived MEMORIES ~ Please check our SITE ~ Thanks A & B !

          Peace & Joy to YOU & YOURS
          Love Angela & Brian ! !

          • Robert Southwick Richmond

            I don't gamble either, but my poetic persona for the day did! I was in Las Vegas for a medical meeting in 1978 - stayed at the Hilton Hotel, which burned down a few weeks later - spent a week there and never so much as dropped a quarter in a slot machine. But Vegas was indeed one of the more bizarre worlds I've ever been in.

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