Always focused on what is right,
Staying strong through the battle of life,
Never giving up or giving in,
Not being able to break or bend,
So much motivation it gives you strenght,
The power of your essence lies within,
When the toughness in you never ends,
And what you process inside will win.

Survival was once my intended plan
Each day an inner fight to a better land
Then I stepped inside my ear & hand
Floating down a river of all I am
To drift with poets down the banks
Mixing minds so spirits can dance
Fusion of souls to illuminate chance
Transforming ripples into universal chants

Learning to accept those who choose - to distrust
Making space for belief's that don't quite - resonate
Rewarding forgiveness in answer to fear's - hate
Choosing to excavate meaning - from within,
Laughing in every opportunity - gifted
Loving without totalling up - an account
Living in a way to insure regret, never - has a say
Looking to harmonize with other's your survival song's - hopeful tone,

Life is a way so onerous
A rocky road with holes and thorns
A dusky foggy tunnel, all dark
It is a journey so impossible and unendurable
Everyone is tired and weak already
So dizzy cannot push it anymore
But if you look unto the Lord
Your strength will be renewed
Survival is all certain in him

From this window in the heart
Can see dampness on the soul
Blindly working on some art
For a morrow free of mold.

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