I live alone since she left

Nothing replaces what I had

Always had a glint in her eye

Christmas is a time to be sad


I moved away to start again

But nothing helps me to forget

Upon her face always a smile

Christmas; a day full of regret


Without fail it comes every year

& I'm supposed to give good cheer

A lousy tree & pathetic lights

A dark Winter full of freezing nights


Without fail it comes each year

& I'm forced to hold back my tear

No white snow; just wind & rain

A day when I endure the pain


I stand & stare out to sea

Trying to blank out this day

A dull pain is behind my eyes

My Christmas is filled with grey


I stare into my broken mirror

& my reflection is not clear

Across my face I bear a scar

I wish Christmas would disappear


© 2020 Unsub


  • Doggerel Dave

    Ahh - Don't Shoot!

    • Unsub

      Just bringing an alternative view. Not all Xmas's are full of cheer!


      • Doggerel Dave

        Well, despite our past differences, I hope your's is going to be OK.

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      • Clara

        The other side of Christmas is well presented here... This poem holds such pain. Such heartache. Loneliness. Combine that with the 'cheer' one must possess this time of year - it is truly a recipe for such saddess. Beautifully written poem.

        • Unsub


          Christmas is not always the celebration we think it is!

          Thank you for your comment,



        • FredPeyer

          Unsub, not only very well written, but also very timely. There are many who dread Christmas due to some past tragedy that happened during Christmas time and cannot be forgotten. My heart goes out to them.

          • Unsub


            My heart goes out to them too.



          • Goldfinch60


            Your words are so meaningful to me this year, it is my first Christmas with Joyce no longer in my life.


            • Unsub


              yes I am aware of how difficult it will be for you. I didn't write this to upset you my friend,



            • daydreaming

              I love the message, the form, the rhymes, and the rhythm of this poem. It has a sad undertone you know I dig. Thank you for sharing.

              • Unsub


                you're welcome,


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