The best life


With happiness and love endured always,
Getting everything u want exactly how u prayed,
Being very blessed with better days,
All needs met by God who saves,
When your body is a temple and righteous place,
No pain, no hurt, no harm, no heartache,
The best life is what you call great.

No shame or shallow regret to weigh down the years.
The meaning of every tear revered in thoughts in memoriu. In laughter and celebration of all the things you love.
The best life is not reserved for someone else.

Accepting our biological inheritance, as merely
Foundations: to scaffold - our carved-out legacy's,
Life: squeezed until sweet - to counter
Each bite of bitterness we're bombarded with,
Faith: respected and treasured - but never corrupted
As a tool of justification: for perpetuated hate,
Best: as testimony, to giving it all we can afford!

From this window north,
I watch seasons come and go forth.
Winter with snow piled high,
Absence of sprit the will to fly,
Until the gentle pardon of spring,
The heart blooms and starts to sing.

  • Authors: Shearonder1987, RDS, L. B. Mek, Jerry Reynolds
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  • Finished: January 4th, 2021 07:00
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Julie B

    Beautiful words

  • PrEm Ji

    something spiritual... exeptionally, the last stanza..

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