Think of God and put it in your heart,
That God is love and love u alot,
Think of God being with you always,
Know with God happiness awaits,
Think of God and love are the same,
Everything you got is through his name,
Think of God as powerful and strong,
Always there for you to lean on,
Think of God as the happiness you need,
Who brings you comfort and bring you peace.

Stopping the truck to watch
As a family of cottonmouths
Cross the road. Seth thought,
“I could just run over this mess; but
God probably didn’t go the trouble
To make anything he doesn’t
Love and its Christmas.”

All little orphans have found guidance in him
Even the barren women are made joyful mothers
The lame are able to walk, leap and praise his name
The blind now espying the wonders of his works
How could the sun halt at Gibeon?
Or the moon over the Valley of Aijalon?
The morning stars glorify his name with psalms
He ministers in miracle working
Because he is God.

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