Invocation Meditation

"O Moving Form of Dust,"

Baha'u'llah addresses

the created of this world.


"In the image and likeness of God

He created him;

male and female, He created them."


From dust and "a moist germ,"

to dust do we return,

our shadow selves and bodies.


For, around us, all we see

are dust constructions;

none of which is 'real.'


The real world lies ahead

in realms unknown and glorious

when we leave this dust behind.



  • orchidee

    Good write as a poem D.
    I can agree with some of it. Though this world is real too, I would say. Yet we are made from dust.
    It's said the body is merely a 'shell' for our souls and spirits, though one said to me one day 'It would look strange if we had no bodies; just a lot of souls and spirits floating around on this earth'.

  • Robert Southwick Richmond

    Your poem would be easier to read with larger type. The ruler at the top of where you enter the poem allows you to choose the type size and the font family (I recommend Times New Roman among the choices given). You can get the lines to left-justify rather than using the default middle-axis (though it can be quite trying to get this to work.

    Checking the Bahá’í Faith web site, I see that Bahá’u’lláh is written with right single quotes (the apostrophes), presumably representing the Arabic letter alif. MyPoeticSide (which runs on WordPress) is extremely good about supporting such typographical niceties, as well as non-Roman writing systems - I've even got it to do pointed Hebrew.

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Good read. Have a Happy Holiday and Stay Safe.

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