Maxine Smith


I lay here 



Within me 


Weighing heavy


Succombe to



I scream out


No Words

Escape me


Wake up

Save yourself 

But I'm awake 

It's my body still asleep 


  • Neville

    more frequently encountered than one might imagine ... never nice ... quite brilliantly captured here ....

    • Maxine Smith

      True, never nice and can be quite scary ...

      Thank you for the read Neville.

    • Fay Slimm.

      A haunt of a read and you describe the feeling so well Maxine. A great image your chose too as a reminder that sleep can render awakers immovable.

      • Maxine Smith

        Thank you so much Fay, appreciate the read.

        Nothing more haunting then being trapped inside your own body.

      • dusk arising

        Interesting description but of something I don't recall having ever experienced. However, many years ago i was surprised, whilst listening to a radio 4 program, to learn that I am among a rare group of 'lucid dreamers'. No wonder I'm a bit of a dreamer and never seem to get anything done.

        • Maxine Smith

          Not everyone experiences this stage of sleep, luckily for you that you haven’t, can be a scary place to be. Even though it’s usually only for a couple of minutes, it seems like a lifetime.

          Thank you for having a read.

        • Goldfinch60

          Frightening experience Maxine but not one of which I am personally aware.


          • Maxine Smith

            Ah lucky you.

            Thanks for the read Andy.

          • orchidee

            Cccoooeee, you awake?! lol
            Good write Maxine. It's not so much paralysis with me, as trying to shake off bad dreams. Keep telling myself 'it's non-existent; only a dream!'

            • Maxine Smith

              That’s never nice either, bad dreams are awful.

              Thank you for reading Orchidee.

            • FineB

              Hi Maxine

              A superb write.

              Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

              • Maxine Smith

                You as well and thank you.

              • aRCane

                I like this Maxine, it resonates...

              • ron parrish aka wordman

                i have been there a time or two

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