Robert Southwick Richmond

Montessori school



The fingers, the minds of children,

flow over these blocks, these color tablets,

unaging stones in a stream that comes to knowing;


these cylinders, these beads without an end,

bright as the noon: the land beyond the cave;

land of integers

before my standard errors of the mean,

before my necessary sin,

before I so loved the world.


In the straitness of this room

my heart is still

in the circle of silence.


  • Robert Haigh

    Ah! What memories and old ghosts such buildings must hold!

    • Robert Southwick Richmond

      Odd that I don't remember the building at all. The school may have been a single classroom in a larger structure. I've been able to revisit all but two of the seven school buildings I went to school in. One I could revisit has been torn down - it was worn out.

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