Robert Southwick Richmond

Lines for a BBW




fat is wine

your big cool arms

flow in my veins like milk

         poor little Gloria Vanderbilt


fat is drug

your drunk breasts

suck hungryjangly brainmouths

         where are you now Janis Joplin


fat is food

your big moons

would feed me running clear to Texas

         eat your heart out Jean Nidetch


fat is love

your big body


         faretheewell Jackie O


surcease clawing yourself

lie with me tonight


  • Robert Haigh

    Both racy and entertaining! I think I can easily guess what BBW stands for!

  • Robert Southwick Richmond

    Big Beautiful Woman. The word was coined by Carol Shaw, who started a magazine called BBW some time in the 1980s. (It folded many years ago.) The word is well known in the US, perhaps not elsewhere. I can only love a fat woman. Fortunately I'm very happily married to one.

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