L. B. Mek

Beyond anxiety: as Our Only way of Life

Why must we cover our eyes

to see that Truth hidden within their lies

trapped, within society’s festering pool

of wilful ignorance, where

inconsideration is what’s most prevalent

and kind gestures: are rendered irrelevant!


Our young woman - forced

to exclude themselves

so as to excavate, their own meaning

blurred as unworthy

by that inherited mirror: titled society,


and just as they manage

to loosen

freedom’s empowering song

let their skin glisten with that self-worth

mined from within


fledgeling steps stumble, empathising

with their Brother’s wordless screams

as all around - turmoil engulfs, consuming-all

regressing righteous philosophies and wishful activism

to forgotten realm's of Neanderthal Amygdala’s Survivalist Regime.


How do we start to move forward, when we’re bequeathed

a lifetime worth of problems?

Each chapter of History, crimson stained

by youth’s foolhardy vehemency

and dotage’s, regret-twisted bitterness of senility. 


For some, even our mother’s tongue - chokes foreign, in our lungs

watching-on through pixel screens

as goading Headlines and Newsreader’s glamourise racial atrocities

to fuel poisonous - reactionary populism: fruition

of divisive zealot activism


who are we to judge? Here we live

in this epicentre of a continent

that carved-up Africa’s millennia of heritage, to fit

Colonial manageability needs

under the guise of avoiding trade wars in 1884


agreements signed by forefather’s, of those

we now proudly consider: our closest friends

who, stand by us in our times of need

reacting with more donations and fervour

than our very own kin…


Look, how bleak

reality can serenade existence

in the hands of us naïve

forgetting wonder’s that illuminate

Nature’s gifts of introspective transcendence

allowing us to look past: darkness of night

and gravitate to that Moon in our hopeful fate’s.



© L. B. Mek

December 2020


  • dusk arising

    There is much shameful history to recount if that is what history teaches us to do. But history is not for the making or the taking, it is done with. Ours and theirs is the future and if we are humane then that future is for you and me and all mankind to hand in hand walk together into a future of our hearts desire.

    • L. B. Mek

      Allowing for understanding of those still grappling with History's 'done with' consequences: I agree with your sentiments completely, hand-in-hand curating our future of togetherness...
      What a wonderfully uplifting comment Dusk, appreciate you taking the time my friend

    • Jerry Reynolds

      A lot of information L.B. Good morning read.

      • L. B. Mek

        a little dense for sure, my bad Jerry
        thanks for always trying to engage and support, its noted and highly appreciated

      • Neville

        without any doubt history holds many secrets .. some of them are crying out to be heard ..

        Here you have given a few a voice ...
        whilst others still are maybe best left where they have rightfully been buried ...

        having said that, I am a great believer in the truth will eventually out ....

        A compelling read my friend ..


        • L. B. Mek

          Indeed, 'truth will out' I think the saying goes, agree with you completely - as I usually tend to do,
          thanks for supportive comment my friend, glad you could connect with the write

        • Suresh

          I dwell on this, but in the end I grudgingly conclude, we let them colonies

          You have poetically trumpeted those dark days of past

          • L. B. Mek

            blame game yields little more than vengeance as a recourse and that's far from my intention in penning this write, more on the lines of:
            if we can work to move past such monumental issues, surely we can find a way to deal with our daily - anxiety clouded lives...
            thanks for the supportive comment

          • Goldfinch60

            Unfortunately the history we are told about is written by the winners, what if the losers were correct, we could be living in a wonderful world.


            • L. B. Mek

              maybe Andy, that's a wonderfully optimistic perspective, but we are all far similar than we like to admit,
              striving to find a way to move beyond History's chains, is a much more productive mindset I think

            • Doggerel Dave

              The trouble is..(oh no it’s not that D Dave putting his oar in again? Sorry but Yes!)
              The trouble is history and culture are very powerful. Solutions, of course not easy. Beyond the ‘inevitability of gradualness’ and the bearing of witness, as you are doing L.B., I (and this is very personal) would like to ban the pronoun ‘we’ (used here, there, and everywhere) from most discourse. Name names and know that Power, where it lies and how it is used is a much more useful concept.

              Regards, Dave

              • L. B. Mek

                me, I always preferred the 'kind' in peoples regard's, guess that's where our differences begin Mr D Dave and your supportive Oar comments,
                as always I appreciate you for engaging so fervently, I also comprehensively agree naming names and ousting those Power brokers lurking in the shadows is essential!
                Sadly, that's just not what this particular write was aiming to instil in readers, so then: let us once more agree to disagree and continue down our life's forked rivers, I shall borrow your oar to help me along, with humble gratitude...

                • Doggerel Dave

                  OK, L.B., let's agree to disagree, by all means... However I am a little curious as to what you were 'Aiming to instil in readers' - what you hoped to achieve. Anyway, I don't want to press the point.
                  A little housekeeping: I'll give you the 'kind' at the end - although it appears so often in business correspondence, I feel it to be totally over used, and thus with that context, valuless. My 'Regards' is, to me, the precice equivalent of the current slightly trendy 'Respect', and something I feel more comfortable with.
                  For myself, can I point out that I sign as 'Dave' only and that is the way I'd like to be addressed.
                  Finally, I'm unsure if you would rather I did not contribute to your threads in future - if so, just say. There's never any need to go for the blocking and deletion that can occur here.
                  Kind regards, Dave

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