Life Updates

Cali Kittana

Life updates here

Life updates there!

Seems like everyone lately wants to know

Where you've been and what you're doing

It's a common question lately


I just smile and say

My kitten's doing great!

She's gotten so big

She plays all the time

But still snuggles at night


We just passed our one year

Isn't it great?

We finally said "I love you"

We're planning on getting a place

He's the best thing in my life


Work is doing just fine

I just got a promotion and a raise!

There's still lots to do

But everything is running so smooth

I couldn't get this anywhere else


Me personally

Well why do you ask?

I'm doing just fine as you can see

I don't think I look any different

I'm even going to get my hair coloured soon


As you can tell, things are on the up rise

Don't you believe me when I say that?

I don't know why you wouldn't

I smile just as bright as I always do

And you probably can't see it in my eyes


Life updates where

Life updates who cares?

What's the point in telling everyone

About what they can't even see

So I don't answer what they don't want to hear


On the inside my eyes are misty

My kitten needs shots I can barely afford.

She's broken some quite expensive things

She tries to steal chocolate from me

She never sleeps all night and neither can I


I feel like he can do better than me

Isn't that terrible?

I fear his friend not liking me will change things

Even though he says it won't

My pain from the past shows through


Work is falling apart

Our new manager is destroying the store!

I fear denied requests off for important appointments

We're falling behind in the district

And there's nothing I can do


I just started another antidepressant

Didn't I say you shouldn't have asked?

I cry almost every night at this point

I'm looking more tired and sad

I want to cut my hair


What you can't tell is I'm falling down

See why I don't want to tell?

I just need an escape from everything

Yet I fake my smiles and my happiness everyday

And I hope it doesn't show in my eyes


Life updates there

Life updates where?

What's the point in even asking me

When you won't like the answer I have

You don't want to hear the negativity


You tell me how your kids are

You really think I care?

I'm just here to make money

I'm not interested in your life

I forget who you are when you leave


Talking about your dog the entire time

What makes you think I'm listening?

You're just a face I'll forget in five minutes

So don't keep wasting your breath

I wonder if these new pills will work


Here you are again talking about crafts

You know we all do them, right?

I don't know or care about your new glue gun

Hot or cold makes no difference to me

I'm thinking about the mice who ate my pattern


You make a comment about the pins on my lanyard

Do you think we're going to be friends?

I tell you where I bought them

We chat for a minute

I instantly forget once you walk away


Everyone around me seems so normal

Why can't I be like that, too?

Not seeming to have a care in the world

Sometimes it makes me wonder

Are they just like me too


Do they not care about life updates

Do they forget who I am, too?

Life updates to others

Life updates to me

How much are we all telling

  • Author: Cali Kittana (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 15th, 2021 21:12
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 28
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  • dusk arising

    That was one very enjoyable read. I really like the complete turn around you presented. So relateable.
    The inner story of so many of our lives today and very well written.

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