Eugene S.

3rd of Sh'vat

Darest I venture outside
On this most profound of days
What is it I will behold
In our cauldron of decay

A roiling mass of anger
A treacherous road of hate
Some bitter accusations
From all of those in that state

The danger that I fear most
Is that of declining fate
A place where all great nations
Are becoming reprobate

When all the chosen people
From their slumber rise too late
And mourn all of the morsels
Being taken from their plate

I hope you hear my sorrow
As I fathom our sad ways
And count the horrid hours
Racing to the end of days


  • orchidee

    Any link to the date of Sh'vat for this year - around 16th May I think?

    • Eugene S.

      It was yesterday. The Shabbat and a day of personal importance.

    • Robert Southwick Richmond

      Googling the third of the Hebrew month of Shevat (Sh'vat, שְׁבָט) I found this:
      (Not the same word as Sabbath.)

      • Eugene S.

        Yes that is true, but the 3rd of Sh'vat was yesterday - which was also The Shabbat. Y'all are keeping me straight!

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