Robert Southwick Richmond

Running on the World





I run the lake with three Swiss guys

and try to talk German in 7:30 miles.

My pulse thumps in my head.

Servetus burned for what I know.


        Salt Lake City


A pleasant old cop tells me at 6 AM

no jogging in Temple Square.

Over the bowl of morning mountains

God is doing his leg stretches.


        Valley Forge


You can run the five mile path on a winter evening

griping about the cold and your sore feet.


        Mountain Home Veterans Cemetery,

              Johnson City, Tennessee


I am the road I run,

my feet call you to memory.

You were Manassas and San Juan Hill,

Ardennes, Bataan, Inchon, Khe Sanh.

You are the green earth of Tennessee,

You are the road I run.


  • Neville

    This is really quite something ... and without doubt my favourite Robert Southwick Richmond post to date ...

    • Robert Southwick Richmond

      Thanks! Looking it over, I probably should have said Argonne to represent WW 1. - My father commanded one of the general hospitals (242d GH) that received casualties from the Battle of the Ardennes Forest (Battle of the Bulge) in 1945.

    • FredPeyer

      I never ran along lac leman, but plenty of times along lake Zuerich, once all the way from the lake to the top of the Uetliberg. The things we did.....

    • orchidee

      Was you 21 then?! Oops, that should be 'were'. Another one of those words.

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