The Sun The Moon and Their Secrets

The sun has no idea what happened the night before nor does the moon have a clue about the morning.


But as the sun and the moon pass, orbiting our home will they spill the secrets of what happened when they were gone.


They tell the secrets they have witnessed. The sparks between people, the whereabouts of animals that scurry the Earth. They give the other the knowledge of what they learned. 


The Moon whispers about the homes silent, the animals that come out only at night.


The sun murmmers about how people rush the streets to get to school or a job, how they sit in a park watching their children play with their dogs. 


The Sun and the moon then say 'see you later' as they pass to go give the world what they offer. They then come back when the time is right to let go of the new secrets they received.


That is the story of the the sun, the moon, and their secrets they spill.



  • Robert Southwick Richmond

    Sun and Moon are capitalized in current astronomical usage, and I note you've done that part of the time.

    Typo: murmmers

    • Poetry_Lover

      Thank you Robert! I'm glad you liked it!

      All the love xx

    • L. B. Mek

      wonderfully imaginative: a whisper shared between our two anchors of fate

    • SunSearcher

      Two of my favorite things, the Sun and the Moon. Guiding us always. Beautiful story!

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