Robert Southwick Richmond

Two Views of an Old Womans Leg



She sprained it, climbing the steps the other day,

and your long legs sit down some way I never could sit

to unwrap the Ace bandage. What color is the pain?

Yellow. See YELLOW. All up and down it. See YELLOW.


And I look at that leg, that once went dancing,

swollen, pitting, the skin thin and hairless,

see the sludged arteries, the muscles shrunken,

that soon will not be walking, nor its owner.


But power flows out of your long lithe hands

into that leg seeing yellow, just now spiting

the mocking robe of Tyrian purple and logwood:

she sees her pain yellow, in your hands, she walks on it.


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Delightful and clever verse, Robert. I enjoyed reading this one and did so smiling!

    • Robert Southwick Richmond

      Thanks! Still in contact with the therapist, now an expert on mushrooms of the southeastern US.

    • Munro

      An interesting poem
      Nice read

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