Goodbye and good riddance former ersatz trumpeting president

Joseph Robinette Biden

now commander in chief yay

manning ship of state

tossing anchors aweigh

heavily pierced tattooed

donning sheepish pirate(s)

at heady roiling waterway

fending off trolling rapscallion

much more thrilling


than watching cabaret

January twenty first two thousand

twenty one marks his first full day

wherein Oval Office finally

flushed, ousted, and zapped,

whose paternal ancestry

begat genealogical linkedin émigré

name unknown, nevertheless


one Johann Trump born within

Bobenheim am Berg, a village

in Palatinate, Germany circa 1789

moved to nearby village of Kallstadt

where his grandson, Friedrich Trump,

the grandfather of Donald Trump,

born in 1869 gamboled

upon grassy fairway

whereby grandson notorious


to grandstand and gainsay,

but especially renowned

windblown coiffure

kept intact courtesy "fake" hairspray

said product he did fulminate

against and inveigh,

cuz he envied (as does yours truly)

the trademark thatch sported by J.F.K.


At long last, a stalwart adept candidate

unwittingly saddled

with onerous figurative freight

COVID-19, homelessness, joblessness

sober statistics impossible mission to inflate,

whose physique slender and lightweight

boot pulleys and levers of power


he quite savvily can operate

personable and suave demeanor doth resonate

allowing, enabling, and providing

law and order to materialize,

and accomplishments downplayed

(unlike previous commander in chief)

whose braggadocio would never underrate.


Concern still prevails

regarding that woman user

egging fascistic paramilitary

white supremacist ilk

twittering as a digital schmoozer

hell bent on sowing anarchy,


cuz other Democratic contestant

did not defeat

soured at prospect their man beat

(him - who shall not be named again

ranks as a sore loser)

nevertheless, an oafish shill bruiser.


If prognostications allowed me,

at bedtime, when a supine American,

one garden variety and generic

sleepy Joe among madding crowd

will experience glee


at prospective buoyancy, decency,

fraternity, harmony, jollity, levity,

nobility, prosperity, serenity, tranquility...

wishing no ill will toward

former forty sixth president.



  • FredPeyer

    All I can say is good riddance. Not to your poem, I like that one, but to the yellow haired one.

  • L. B. Mek

    I like your subtle title,
    in this world of fence seating conformity, it reads refreshingly bold and straight-to-the-point: brevity, I think they call it, lol

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