L. B. Mek

We must address our collective H2O crisis


Have you ever seen fish - flapping

with their last ounce of strength

inches: from that Ocean of salvation

and wondered, if only they’d have acted

when they had a chance?


Well, that’s Humanity

if we don’t act quickly!


However fantastically surreal

this issue may seem

its tangible threat, is very real

our blue planet: is fast

becoming waterless…


Write, talk, campaign

sign petitions and raise awareness

maybe we propose January and July’s

meaningfully lengthy, 31 days

as bookend months for ‘Nature Awareness’.


Reducing Wastage

is our immediate avenue

for realisable results

individually, we can contribute

tighten those taps

but what’s endangering us


are brazen and wasteful attitudes

to archaic practices

within industrial infrastructures.


Let those ‘fear mongering’ headlines

play, at useless ‘finger pointing’ games

while we: collectively

 be remembered as that generation

who reacted, when it mattered!


  • Robert Haigh

    Climate change and population growth are indeed causing problems throughout the world with water shortages. Only 3% of the world's water is fresh water, and 2/3 of that is locked up in frozen glaciers, so the problem is becoming acute for some nations. Here in Britain, where rainfall is plentiful, we don't often think about a potential shortage of water, but industry wastes water in startling amounts. More, clearly, needs to be done. A thought-provoking piece of poetic social commentary you have penned here, L.B.

    • L. B. Mek

      perfectly summarised my message, while adding some useful figures to add a jolt of realism, to what seems a farfetched issue for most, in our current 'pandemic' climate,
      thank you for taking the time to comment and support on such a neglected subject dear Poet

    • orchidee

      Good write LB.
      Oops, I can't get the clip to show.
      I won't block you, if you wish to comment on my poems :)

    • dusk arising

      Well said sir, we must all address climate change.
      Watching a very recent David Attenborough program about climate I'm sure he pointed out that whereas drought was rife in some areas, rainfall was now rife in other areas. Trouble is that migrations of our wildlife cannot adapt to these changes.

      • L. B. Mek

        its a matter of sustainable activism, hard to convince people's ignorance when they're watching reports on rain flooding's and seaside resort holiday destinations, that this issue merits urgency,
        still - we just all gota do our bit and trust we'll be able to react in time,
        thank you for your insightful comment Dusk

        • dusk arising

          We should empower the children under 12 to police us for conformity to planet saving regulations just like chairman mao did with his regime back in the 60's. Whereas you or me could get a punch in the face for telling someone off, a child is unlikely to and is so well protected by both law and society.
          That idea just occurred to me but the more I think of it, the more I like it.

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        • Neville

          I am so glad you penned these important words my friend ..

          I like to think I would have got round to it eventually .. but as you correctly point out .. we dont have an unlimited amount of time or that precious H20 so many of us take for granted and otherwise waste by the lakefull .......... I am seriously in your corner my friend ...


          • L. B. Mek

            as I hoped you would be, my empathetic friend
            indeed, we can never write or comment enough about such significant issues, we all just gota do our best and keep on trying to create more awareness: never let that torch dim

          • Jerry Reynolds

            A global strategy would help. It's really serious. Good wake up call L.B.

            • L. B. Mek

              totally agree Jerry, though hopefully something more impactful than that carbon footprint 'token measure' they lulled people into silence with a few years ago,
              thanks for taking the time to comment and support

            • Sam Wolf

              Well done and great topic
              I agree we must protect the environment,
              here in the USA we have an ongoing investigation over
              a contaminated water supply, very sad.

              • L. B. Mek

                I just edited that video link which was broken, it covered the major USA problems and informs in great detail, the huge issues we're all collectively facing,
                thanks for commenting and supporting on this important issue, every little helps

              • Goldfinch60

                Such important words Mek, but why is it that those who could help to prevent this happening put money for themselves before saving the world.


                • L. B. Mek

                  who cares my friend, let us worry about our own actions and do what we can, one issue ta a time...
                  we've had our reformations and revolutions galore, nothing changes for those at the top of Society's cyclical pyramid schemes, what I know works it taking accountability for our choices, decisions and most crucially: actions, then trust and accept whatever yields is granted by fate...
                  always appreciate your meaningful voice of support Andy

                • Fay Slimm.

                  Thank you for these wise words on the impending crisis that matters world-wide --- a moving read that highlights measures we all need to take.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    thank you, too - our dear Fay, your kind words of support and encouragement are never taken for granted

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