Fresh air

Open a window, get some fresh air

Be impressed with the blessings made way from out there

Air carries clarity that with you it shares

Issues once with you; you're barely aware

Or rather they're still here, but not worth a care

Breeze glides you to mindfulness; a ride free of fare


Meditation; mesmerized in levitation of our minds

Hesitation; left behind, and expectation--it too dies

Better patience; less we cry for satiation when we vie

For better medications when we elevate our minds


Get to know you, every side

Even darkness cannot hide

From light your vision sheds inside

To where your wind may blow, abide





  • L. B. Mek

    wonderfully worded message of introspection's true value,
    what we carry within:
    no one can ever, price-tag
    without our submission, ergo
    if we but hold true
    to our own self-belief of worth
    they can only barter-for
    never, may they - take
    by force...
    an empowering read, thanks for sharing

    • b-LAH-que

      Thanks, L.B., your comment is poetic in and of itself. Glad you liked it!

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