I was drowning until I realised that I could swim,

They say that the key to success is usually found within,

Not without, not withstanding any situation that may arise,

Some will inherit the kingdom of heaven, meanwhile others will persist to watch paint dry,

The kingdom of heaven is likened to your greater state of being,

For what you see quite factually correlates to that which you are truly feeling,

Have you ever awakened feeling great? And the whole day was amazing?

Life has taught me to stop resisting, rather start embracing,

To see the beauty in everything, like learning to appreciate a work of art,

Humility, forgiveness and grace has truly opened my heart,

I was falling and tumbling until I discovered that I could fly,

Life really starts to get interesting when you begin to ask why..


  • dusk arising

    It sure does get better when you ask why. Especially when the ones you expect to have answers are full of crap and you then see the truth staring back at you.
    Truth doesn't come from a person in robes trying to get you to buy their idea of heaven. That was OK when people believed the world was flat but we're a lot wiser now aren't we.

    • AlitaOpal

      @Dusk arising, indeed we are more wiser and innovative.. it's only once we experience such and such we become less of the hypocrite that we formerly once were.. thanks for your comment and for taking the time to read 🌹

    • Poetic Dan

      Boom... tingling all over! Thank you so much for your rhythm, May we never lose the why!

      Then boundlessly fly...

      Great vibe

      • AlitaOpal

        Thanks for reading Dan, I have yet to catch up reading your amazing work.. I'm so glad to be back and reading some amazing crafts here..

      • orchidee

        Good write Alita.
        I didn't get the hang of it. I tried to fly as The Birdman, then crashed into a cliff! lol.

        • AlitaOpal

          @Orchidee, we either fly like chickens or glide graciously like eagles.. lol!

        • heatherbee

          Great words really enjoyed this read

          • AlitaOpal

            Thanks for taking the time Heatherbee

          • b-LAH-que

            Humility, forgiveness and grace truly are powerful tools for become our higher selves and granting us freedom from temptation toward the vices that would contradict such virtues.

            I think you and I are similar in that we're both getting back into a beloved hobby of poetry after a long break. It's cool to see someone else in a similar mindset and doing well, it makes me want to keep going that much more. Well done, and I cant wait to read more of your work.

            • AlitaOpal

              B-Lah-que, I appreciate you taking time to read my work and I'm glad to hear that it's encouraging you to do more. This is a great site to read some incredible master pieces, to inspire and be inspired.

            • FredPeyer

              A very inspiring poem, Alita! We should all become more like children, enjoy the moment and as you said, ask why!

              • AlitaOpal

                Indeed Fred! As children are in the moment.. Why calls upon the answer, no words spoken returns back to us void.. I realized the power of the word.. Thanks for reading 🎈

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