I understand

I am not a man but I understand

I see that your mental health can get dismissed

And sometimes the only time you can express your feelings is by using a punchbag and using your fists


I see how hard you work

I see how hard you try

To provide for your family your kids and wife

I see how hard it is to be a guy


Society wants a specific man

Tall, tough, and brings home stuff for the family

It is not your job to do that a woman and man should work together to help provide

I know how sad it is when no one asks if you got home safely


You as a man are amazing

Any shape and any size you are perfect

Even if it's not your job you will protect your family

I'm just letting you know that ignore what society says you are worth it


You deserve time with your friends

And doing your favourite hobbies

Instead of getting blamed for cheating

In one of the hotel lobbies


You don't deserve accusations

That you didn't do

So let's stop the stigma

Of that cheating shit too


You are a soldier

Battling through your feelings

I now understand how hard it can be to be a man

I am a feminist and I will fight for your healing


  • FredPeyer

    Well, EF, you said you were gonna do it, write about men, and you did it well. Am not so sure about the 'amazing' and 'perfect' part though!

    • evangalinefrances

      I may do an update soon as I am still doing more of my research about men and reading others poems and stories about how men feel in society I feel like I have learnt so much and it is so sad that men have to face such complications and it’s just a shame that women and men can’t just be themselves

    • Poetic Dan

      Wow yes! I was told to be strong, boys don't cry yet I could never stop them falling from my eyes. Little did I know it took strength to let it flow, not to hit the bottle and let my fist go...

      I have wrote a couple on this subject years ago and as I now have two precious girls and two boys, your vibration is beautiful and I hope they absorb it more..

      As I many not be a woman but I understand, like you must listen to our problems but hide your own

      Never believe you have the strength, that is only for boys....

      I think my list could go on, so now I'm off to write more.

      Thank you for the inspiration, it Never takes long on here.

      Keep up the write!

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