A Nod to Society

There are so many things I can't say

So many things I won't say. 

So many things I'm ganna bring to my grave.


The people to see me at my worst did not know what came 



There was a period in my life when everybody

Only saw what I wanted them so see

I was so good 

At masking my words from sounding hurt

And better turning them into a joke


I always wanted someone to see through the pain where they were underneath

But that how good I became

It hurts me on how good I became at that


The hidden truth

In every empty space, the words I never chose to use


The thing I regret the most

Is the real me leaving your side 

And becoming the perfectly hand crafted life I desired

Faking me because that's what I thought everybody wanted to see


You meet those who only want you if your perfect in society's eye

We get trained to only love our self if we meet the standards


Body image

Social class





If even one of those is not 

"Right" or "correct"

We get put into this small box that once your in

its very difficult to get out


So because of society there are things I wish I could say

But I'm not going to


Thanks society



A broken girl





  • Doggerel Dave

    Go on - give it a go, have a shout. But no just here - out there, where it counts.
    Your comments show some defiance. Let that grow and link up with the like minded
    But I hope you get some fun out of life too.

    • Poetry_Lover

      Thank you! I will sure try and give it a go!

    • L. B. Mek

      can't word my reply any better than doggerel dave already has...
      thanks for sharing your song of defiance dear Poet

      • Poetry_Lover

        Thank you LB. I am glad I have the opportunity to get my thoughts out to this community. Happy you liked it!

        All the love PL xxx

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