Growth In Forgiving


You can try to forget

You can try to bury it deep down

But it´s what shaped you

Your past will always be with you


I tried to cut it all away

Burn it down to the core

I couldn´t forgive


I buried it down into my garden

Not understanding

It would rot away my flowers


The scissors could not cut through

My tears could not quench the thirst

Of revenge on the back of my throat


I tried to ignore it

It wasn´t the way to go

So I let go


Not by running away

But by approaching it


So many memories, so many emotions

They formed a monster

Hunting after me day and night

Until I stopped running


My arms spread wide

I could finally accept the past

I could finally say goodbye

And start anew


As the monsters shrunk in their size

Into bunnies, harmless and soft


Something to remember

With a smile

Not with tears

In the end
The mirror smiles back



  • Jerry Reynolds

    Well written, Amy.

  • FredPeyer

    Beautifully written, Amy, I do like it. And you expressed well how difficult it can be to forgive, but forgive we must.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good words Amy, whatever we do in our past must be forgotten as we move forward into the wonder of new life.


  • dusk arising

    Wisdom beyond doubt. In letting go we release a burden and are able to stand taller without judgement.

    Letting go is not to forget, for memories of lessons learned are the foundations of the path we tread. Each step is all the firmer when placed upon a rock of forgiving.

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