Pillow talks.

Why does she cry on her pillow at night

Wondering if anyone loves her for her mind

Just covered in thoughts and fluffy pillow tassels

That’s just how they were designed

Ripped at the seams and knowing too much too early

Why is she only 14 and knows why it aches between her thighs

The washed out fluff from inside the pillow

Is the only one that hears her cries

Coming home black and blue to a house she once called home

Drugs. They caused it. No that’s her only resolution

To the thoughts that drown her deeper then her pillows wrapped up in her tears

So what’s her solution?

Where does she go from a house that wasn’t a home

When she’s sick of running from her mind

Is their anyone out there to help her she wonders

Is there anyone that kind?

A crippled pillow on its last legs 

A love that was once seen as someone who will care

But what happens when that pillow falls apart

It leaves a love that is lost and will linger there

But what’s a girl that’s only loved by her a pillow

The one who controls her dreams

A young girls life lost 

By no ones love and attention and sickening screams



  • Doggerel Dave

    Category: Sad ?
    More than sad it's bloody awful.
    A well constructed piece it is, but what else? Imaginative statement? Something you've witnessed? experienced? Can't blame you if you don't wish to answer, particularly the last, but it gives me the horrors, to be quite honest - even if, as I am, aware that such situations do exist.
    More context please.
    But above all else, what am I supposed to do?
    For you, If this comes within the bounds of your personal experience, please ensure the appropriate authorities or support are available to you or the subject of this piece.

    • evangalinefrances

      Hello Dave this poem is inspired by my friends experiences of what happened when she was a young girl it has all been sorted out the correct authorities got involved she said she would love if I wrote a short poem about it to raise awareness of what happened in her past thank you for your support

      • Doggerel Dave

        Thanks for clarifying this for me, Evangaline. I'm relieved at that.

      • dusk arising

        Will she grow into a person behind a painted mask of attraction displaying 'I want your attention' to many a poor suitor? Or retain her dignity and place her personal integrity forefront to the world.

        A choice overlooked by so many it appears from the state of western society.

        • evangalinefrances

          Such interesting questions Dusk! I am very happy you enjoyed my poem based on my friends experiences when she was a young girl! This is exactly why I wrote this piece as it is very overlooked by society!.

        • Goldfinch60

          A very sad emotive write Evangaline but one day that pillow will be renewed and real love will come to share that pillow with you.


          • evangalinefrances

            Thank you Andy very kind words and thank you for your support

          • FredPeyer

            Well written Evangaline. I hope it helped your friend too.

            • evangalinefrances

              Thank you for all your support Fred is very appreciated! 😁

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