Gesenia Burley

I am Creation


I am Creation 

In the beginning YOU “were”

In the beginning was YOUR “word”

By your word-6 days; you spoke me into Existence

I am a fact- I am not a fiction!


Every single day

You smell me

See me

Touch me

Use me in every way


My designer forsaken


His beauty taken for granted

I’m Corrupted

Sadly overlooked.



To think I’m impossible

Is laughable.

A Big Bang? Not comprehensive.



I am no mistake

Everything about me

Designed perfectly, nothing out of place


I was planned.

Former by THE Master’s hand.

Seen from Heaven to Man


My amazing creator

My Lord, Savior;

By your words “let there be”

I became Me.

By YOUR power I appeared.

“It was good” you cheered.


I am Creation!

And then on the 7th day; YOU rested.


  • jarcher54

    I am not religious, but your faith translates beautifully. Retelling the Genesis creation story from a personal perspective at first seems a little egotistical, but your joy is so authentic it is infectious. I love the last line.

  • dusk arising

    Whereas I don't buy the genesis theme written by men, when the world was thought to be flat, I like the "I am created perfect/imperfect by god" theme.
    Let us not forget that same god creates those with birth defects, creates virus's, storms which kill thousands too.

    Fear or worship? Or have they become the same thing for some?

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Hopeful Write, C.B.

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