A dyslexic poet

I never got chose for a handwriting pen

My handwriting is horrendous I can barely see the difference between the letters n and m

My h’s are always misplaced and work is always wrong

That's why I write my poems and it takes me so long

I double check and check again

And I still can't spell the word sustian

Grammarly becomes a habit to have on your phone

And a book becomes effort when you read alone

My friend has to check for spelling mistakes

Even though I'll scan the text trying to look for them until my eye aches

I get angry being corrected for misplaced I’s

And I spend so long checking my poems I've ruined my eyes

I have glasses now and have been given orange paper so I can spell tae 

But that's the bit that people don't see

The only bit they care about is how I get given stuff for free 

What's it like to be dyselxic?

Well it's like all of the words junble in your brian it's hectic 

I will not check this poem so it's showed to you raw

Of what its like to have dyselxia and why I can't spell fuor 

I turned off auto correct and Grammarly and hoped for the best

I just hope you can read this and it deosnt look like a bad mess






  • Mary Peters

    Luckily, for many people meaning does not depend on the appearance of the word that carries it, EvangalineFrances... Besides, apps deal with forms for us to deal with thoughts... (Thanks for sharing this!)

  • Goldfinch60

    It looks fine to me Evangeline, the brain can interpret these tings quite easily so please do not worry about the spelling, the thoughts behind your words are the most important thing.


    • evangalinefrances

      Thank you Andy your support is appreciated so much!

    • orchidee

      A fine write Evangeline.

    • dusk arising

      It looks just fine to me because in my mind poetry is all about the communication of an emotion. And you do that well.

      I have felt dyslexia creeping into my life as i age and a recent drug therapy course only exacerbated the condition. I too check my writing, though not always sufficiently, for errors and omissions.

      At the end of the day it has to be said that you evangelinefrances do communicate well regardless of any error which creeps through your editing. Such "sins" (LOL) are easily forgiven

      • evangalinefrances

        This means a lot Dusk thank you so much for your constant support through all of my poems!

        • dusk arising

          It's good to exchange comments/thoughts between MPS poets. There's much can be gained especially when one is feeling uncertain about stuff we post. So i'm asking you to return the favour and comment on a few of my recent (or any) posts on here. Click on my name here and it will take you to my profile page where my stuff is listed..... always good for a laugh.

        • Doggerel Dave

          Yes I can read it too , and given your previous poems I'd never have known.
          Still, I can't see anything wrong with a return to spellcheck (my stuff would be an unintelligible mess without it).
          Not too sure about a grammar checker though - it might stifle your creativity. The damn thing is not really appropriate for a poet.
          In case you haven't already gathered, the real you is all right too!

        • L. B. Mek

          in reality: only se;f-etitled critic's and the poet 'frets' about aesthetics, us readers either connect or don't..
          everything else is lost to that beguiling mystery: we call poetry,
          a good read

        • FredPeyer

          Evangeline, I don't care how you write, I care about what you write. And you have no problem there!

        • Jerry Reynolds

          Girl you are a wonderful mess. I enjoyed the write.

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