Canal Barges

canal barges in the rain

a long time coming 

it’s summer again 

a fisherman wriggles 

to free his line 

disturbing the stillness 

water is time 


I’m slowly going to each lock 

to find love again 

the canal has no clock


she left no message 

when she left that day 

took the green barge 

Didn't  want to stay 

frozen eyeball, words so numb 

winters gone , 

cant replace the sun 


shire horses pulling

Your barge away 

you took the parrot 

what could it say 

still got the racehorse 

i ride now I’m alone 

it’s now my only friend 

in a stable at home 



  • dusk arising

    Lovely picture of our countryside within your words and along comes romance adding it's colour.

    The racehorse a metaphor to juggle where the mind will take it LOL.

    A quite enjoyable read as a hint of spring is in the air today along with desires to wander away from lockdown etc.

  • Munro

    Thanks Dusk ,,Pleased you like it
    It’s sadness with a parrot ,what could it say ,, and a racehorse ,,,with the development of spring ,, it’s all there lol

  • Trenz Pruca

    Good imagery.

  • Munro

    Thanks trenz

  • Doggerel Dave

    Canal and barges, colourful and romantic - Tick.
    Love lost? - Tick.
    Dash of surreal humour - Tick.
    Nah , can't see much wrong with that: in fact I like it.....

  • Munro

    Thanks very much DD ,

  • Jerry Reynolds

    A fine write, Munro.

  • FredPeyer

    That picture and your beautiful poem made we want to go on a canal boat trip!

  • Goldfinch60

    Your words created a wonderful picture Munro, maybe that barge will return one day and your home will be filled with 'Pieces of eight'.


  • Munro

    Thanks for great new comments
    If you can’t do much in life
    To get anyone to take notice of what you say ,it doesn’t matter , if you can move an emotion with your poem

  • Robert Haigh

    Sad and wistful. There is an old canal system close to where I live, and I love walking along the canal banks. The barges are now the narrow-boat variety, with no horses, but they still look beautiful. Nice poem.

  • Munro

    Thanks Robert ,for liking the poem

  • yellowrose

    Another great poem . I like your style of writing

  • Munro

    Thanks Yellowrose

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