Kurt Philip Behm

Stirring The Pot (+2)

Life abhors a vacuum,

writing hates it too


So many questions, so much space,

meat to fill the stew


Emptiness is calling,

for words to write the wrongs


Where idle minds take up the space

—left vacant for too long


(Austin Park: February, 2021)



Prisoner Of Time


Drifting into the past,

tomorrow slipped further away


Drifting into the past,

my writing had little to say


Drifting into the past,

the moments became moments no more


Drifting into the past

—being no longer certain or sure


(Dreamsleep: February, 2021)






One may lose his honor

—but it can never be taken from him


(Pine Ridge South Dakota: July, 2009)



  • Trenz Pruca

    Always excellent and often profound.

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Great thoughts Kurt. Really like Akicita

  • FredPeyer

    Prisoner of Time sounds like the onset of Alzheimers! Beautiful poetry!

    • Kurt Philip Behm

      That wasn't my intention but you're right, it does work that way.

      Thanks Fred.

    • L. B. Mek

      so very true dear poet,
      our mistakes aplenty, life's liability a certainty and underneath it all certain thread's to truth that hover - offering a gateway to meaningful reality,
      only its hard for us to see most times, so we're left searching blindly..

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