I was asleep and nothing felt real. 

It never does. My dreams are not

Normal. Sometimes they even 

Haunt my mornings. The only

Place I see you. I wish I didn't.

I like pretending you never 

Existed at all, the darkness,

The light, all just a murky 

Memory of something 

Better left forgotten.


Forgotten. Better. 

Something of a memory,

Murky. The light. The

darkness. All existed.

Never pretending like I

Didn't. I wish you see

The place. Only the

Mornings haunt, even

Sometimes, not normal

Dreams. Does it never really

Feel nothing? Asleep I was. 


  • FredPeyer

    Very well done Merissa!

  • Doggerel Dave

    A lot left unsaid there - you certainly made that plain without disclosure.
    I found in your words a very skilful explanation.

  • AlitaOpal

    Our dearly departed are never really gone and I find it comforting that we can see them again even if it's in the realm of sleep. Wonderful piece 🌹

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