Niyitanga Pacifique

Go Get Lost

I wanted to hold you tight,

Needed your cuddles and kisses,

Tho you left me falling to pieces


Got broke, you ran to the bosses

Cold hands, you gave me no gloves

Stuck, i got none of your shoves


I dumped your ass, i got no loss

Bish you can't even be my side dish

Don't need your sex, climax ain't my wish


Golddigger, go find a big boss nigger

Wish I've never met your ass, big mess

Fuck off, i can't give anymore fuck on you.


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Angry write, N.P. Good one.

  • AlitaOpal

    Now, I'm sure this learning curve allows you to really understand what you really want in a relationship and in life.. 🎈

  • Doggerel Dave

    Language there singes the eyebrows a bit. And I can be quite potty mouthed sometimes, so I think it's the context.
    Perhaps the problem will resolve itself when the girls become women and the boys become men. A hard wait, believe me; I remember....
    Poem well constructed though.
    Take care.

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