His ocean and the sinking ships

Words bled in the ocean of his sorrow

Waves clashed against the ships on the water 

The light is impaired and destroyed by the storm clouds 

A deep sense of loneliness is cast against the ships 

As whispering voices floated through the waters 

“You’re not good enough.”

“You’re too emotionless.” 

“You won’t amount to anything.” 

The waves damage the boats as every hasty and bad decision is made

1 cut 

2 cut 

3 cut 

4 cut

1 wave 

2 waves 

3 waves 

And 4

The sunlight is wiped away as tears are shed from the feelings of despair

The ocean of his sorrow is flooded with damaging insults 

The ocean of his sorrow is casted with the acts these words caused 

The ocean of his sorrow casts a dark forecast over the bright sunlight

His beliefs that there way be a brighter day somewhere 

are smothered by the overwhelming words that bleed into the ocean

His acts are getting hastier and reaching far more drastic 

His ships are being smothered by all the negative 

He fears that by the time he asks for help 

They’ll be too far down their sinkhole of sorrow to be heard 

before it’s too late


  • L. B. Mek

    really creative, I like how you reinforced the dramatic elements with structure and layout instead of punctuation, makes the read flow that bit better and binds it all together,
    a good read, strong voice

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