Fresh New Day

A new day arrives in the arms of the early morning
darkness.  Both wait patiently for the signal.
Soon it will come, unmistakable, moving
quickly.  The first finger of light, the scout,
will determine earth's readiness and when the
moment is ideal and the signal given,
 giant engines of light will begin to pulse and,
like ocean waves, build and build until 
no restraint is possible.


It is in this moment that early morning darkness
gently places her charge into the flow of light
that, when released, will fill the sky with 
orange and yellow wonder.


Streams, even rivers, of light pour down rugged
mountainsides transforming stone and ancient
trees into glowing markers for day's arrival.
On it comes, light upon light, shadows are born
replacing darkness, birds wake in their nests and
sing to the new day, cattle raise their heads from
pillows of soft grass, inquisitive.  Two young colts
in the adjacent pasture romp and leap in their
early morning energy.

The earth, and every living thing upon it,
breathes in the fragrance of freshness.
The new day, in full array, is here.
Glory!  Glory!  Glory!


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Hopeful write D.W. Enjoyed the read.

  • orchidee

    Good write D.W.

  • L. B. Mek

    what a triumphantly euphoric - depiction, of Aurora's unwavering brilliance..
    sat witnessing a brilliant Friday morning of emerging Spring, I can only smile in appreciation and write this words of gratitude for gifting me a rare experience of poetic words, reflecting my reality's scenes - simultaneously..
    thank you for sharing dear poet!

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