On a Poets Walk

I’m on a Poets Walk 

where trees talk 

and flowers sing 

on gravelled roads 

that carry thought 

and in the undergrowth 

snowdrops cling 

I hear a shotgun 

of a Toff  firing 

ridding his bitterness

by wild animal killing 

i see the ivy 

twisting round a tree

a bit like what 

the Devil does to me 


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Great read, Munro. The devil is nowhere near there. I would love to sit a bit by that stone building.

  • dusk arising

    Reveals the beauty and the beast within you and within us all i guess.

    Excellent writing and one for my favourites.

  • Munro

    Thanks guys it’s encouraging to find interest in something you write ,,you can’t gauge what you do ,
    I went for a walk this Friday morning and saw as I was hallucinating it written on the gravel road
    Two of the lines I dreamt in the middle of the night
    Saw a tree with ivy ,,,and more thought came

  • orchidee

    Good write Munro.

  • JonathanB

    We often hear the sound of a shotgun whilst we're out walking. we like to think it's a crow scarer, but I think you're closer to the truth.
    Very good write

  • Munro

    Thanks guys for your new comments

  • Doggerel Dave

    That's poetry - says it all without three pages of exposition.
    And you've cracked it.
    Favourite too.

  • MaddieJ

    I love the idea of a "poet's walk" I feel like there are certain times when we walk places and feel like we are IN the poem. Subjects of imagination and artistry.... Love the poem and the concept.

  • Brimelow

    Ooh that's lovely Munro. The idea of a Poet's Walk is quite enthralling.

    I shall be going for my weekly walk with my best friend on Sunday, which is always full of conversation, and it made me think, must a Poet's Walk be alone or is it possible with a friend? Like most things, it probably depends.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good words showing the good and bad in life.


  • orchidee

    You had that walk?! When ya taking the next one? Hope it's just as good!

  • Munro

    Thanks To those I’ve already thanked again , and thanks to DD ,Maddie J, Brimelow, Goldfinch, and Orchidee when your useless at most things in life ,,and you can impress another poets emotion , it’s quite fullfilling

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