Black Sheep

Can’t you see we have the same face

But you’ll never see me that way

What would it take

For me to be seen as more than a mistake

As I write this on the typewriter you gave me

I wonder who really made me

I destroyed my life to get you to see me

but you didn’t

I rebuilt that same life into something beautiful

but you still didn’t see me

What is left to do

To be seen by the ones you belong to

To be heard

Whether it’s cries for attention or cries for help

What now

I sit in a room full of people who created me

A bond built by blood you can’t even give me

A call I’ll never receive

No matter how long I wait for it

They say blood is thicker than water

But the thinness of this descent has always broken me

No matter how many times I reach out for your hand

I’m left with nothing but the air that surrounds me

But didn’t you create me?


  • dusk arising

    We are given the tools to create the future 'us'. Regrets will only serve as a flaw.

  • Goddess of the Mist

    I'm blown away because you put something into words that is so difficult to express. Being denied love and acceptance by the very people who brought you into the world is a difficult pill to swallow. But I get you here - for real. The full quote goes something like, "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" , actually saying that there are stronger bonds than the family bond. Us "black sheep" should stick together. 😉

    • haydenraquel

      Thank you, I loved reading that. And yes we should!🖤

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