You was the one for me but I wasn't the one for you

The smell of your skin follows me 

I can still feel your lips, but a bimbo like me can't be missed

We would stay up all night, I never wanted to leave your side


I held your hand in public

it was special to me, it wasn't special to you

I wrote you letters and you promised us a life

I waited for you like you wanted me to


You can never find love in the club

I found you, but you didn't find me

Your words hurt me, so I hurt you too

Did some things I didn't even want to do


You was the one for me I wasn't the one for you 

Quarantine got to my head, I was with you when I found out my friend was dead

You were special to me, and I wasn't shit to you

Just one button and a bitch was blocked

Just another bitch to suck on some cock


I still see your smile, and the sparkle in your eye

I don't shed tears but for you I'd cry 

I'd fill a river for you, and you are the drought

You filled your own mind with doubt

You were it for me, and it scared me too

But we did what we had to do


Its the end for us

I had my issues and you did too

but we did what we had to do

Its the end for you, so its the end for me too

But aye we did what we had to do.


  • FredPeyer

    Well done Chicha! A different take on a break-up by a strong woman with an unexpected ending.

    • Narcisa

      Thank you

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