L. B. Mek

busy: ‘Being’ hurled


alarms that exist to discombobulate

to disarm from first cockcrow and absquatulate

with what little of her sanity 

she could ill-afford to waste,


morning’s filled with petty aggravations

of discarded rights to personal space

in her personification, of a rat-in-race

insuring an arduous journey, to her grim destination 


filling hours of her life, while busily

filing those oh-so-precious files

as she gazes, in earnest jealousy 

at freedom’s teasing - flee


a rapid-meal respite, in step with those counted seconds 

endlessly, seeking distractions in mind-numbing conversations

on the brilliance of escapism

through pixel-screen dramatics,


stifling, another six-feet-deep, sigh 

as fingers hover - over, her chosen cage’s light-switch

dreading that return commute 

on those same gridlocked streets of bleak faces


carefully cultivated ambivalence

to her surrounding’s ambiance 

created by music of her prevalence, discarded 

by a buzzing ringtone’s – jarring, invasion


invitation to a gathering of her fellow graduates

of assembly-line degree curriculums, affording

an alternative end, to a played-out chorus evening

of microwave dinners, cocooned in isolation


at arrival, a cocktail or two - alone

as a predisposed conditioning requirement

to ensuing hours of plastered smiles, offering momentary relief

from that stifled gangrene: of corrosive, hollowness 



© L. B. Mek

December 2019

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  • Published: March 8th, 2021 04:07
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  • dusk arising

    Misogyny, envy or cool sympathy. Or are each of those too broad a concept here.
    There's always more to a person than the outer shell we perceive.
    So questions arise, but only for us, of motivation, conditioning, sexual preference etc. What a shambles of queries a honed outer shell can present to us mere mortals with everyday skin.
    Even Margaret Thatcher had a soft side (when tickled with a cattle prod).

    • L. B. Mek

      it would take me longer to unravel your comment than my own scribbled effort, insightfully thought provoking and as always unfailingly angled to caress that controversy you so fancy, lol
      still, I thank you for taking the time to engage with my feeble effort with so much enthusiasm Dusk, its always a hallmark of achievements when one of my write's gains your meticulous wit's, discerning attention

    • Dove

      Such finesse in your words to depict mundane life, but alas
      No alarm bells for me I wake up naturally !
      Thanks for sharing!

      • L. B. Mek

        and that's how it should be, alarm-less and free! sadly
        not so for a lot of others, lost in that turbulence of everyday life..
        this was just an exercise, in trying to give a voice to those who recognise with such struggles, within a framework of compassioned perspective..
        forgive me if it comes across as judgemental or derogatory in any way dear poet,
        thank you for your pointed comments, well noted

      • FredPeyer

        Wow, L B, all these big words made my head swim. But it was still clear enough (my head) to appreciate your poem. Love that last line 'from that stifled gangrene: of corrosive, hollowness.'

        • L. B. Mek

          really? I'm sorry Fred I do strive for accessibility in all my feeble efforts, but sometimes that poetic ambition takes over I guess..
          thanks for the supportive comment, that last line was tweaked yesterday morning just before I uploaded, so means a lot to have you highlight it

        • MendedFences27

          Some people seem hollow, but have something inside not yet discovered. You have portrayed one just the opposite. I should imagine a reunion of grads would fill the halls with such shallow people, all wearing masks I hope. - Phil A.

          • L. B. Mek

            I agree, I too see a thread of connection between your recent write on faces - masked, and the sentiments behind my motivation for writing this words, I was hoping the empathetic words of Cyndi would help round-out my scribble's sharp edges, maybe a different song?
            still, thank you for your detailed feedback gave me some valuable points to consider

          • Goldfinch60

            Very profound words Mek, we all have these differences within us but hopefully we use the better versions of ourselves to create a better life for us all.


            • L. B. Mek

              'use the better versions of ourselves to create a better life for us all.'
              exactly the message I was aiming to invoke Andy!
              although it seems my meaning was lost in translation with some readers, sadly..
              but its a relief to see you unfurl such sentiment's from my write,
              thank you!

            • Neville

              pen poised and ready ...
              words ragged and real, yes mighty and true .. when we have used all of our words ... what more can a mere poet do ............. well postulated my friend ...


              • L. B. Mek

                just Brilliant!
                I suggest your words in these comment may be worth saving, dear poet
                someday they may inspire one of your inspirational write's..
                thank you!

              • Gary Edward Geraci

                Great diction LB - a life lived in isolation - of self preservation out side of a preserving community - the mood is set well here in this piece - maybe a misanthropic protagonist?

                • L. B. Mek

                  no dear poet, not evidence of misanthrope, in my humble opinion
                  just another fellow human, lost
                  trudging between survival's miles
                  and self-discovery's: lonesome isles..
                  this was meant to read as an empathetic character study
                  of society's tendency to pigeonhole our skewed sense of self-perception
                  but I guess my words can't relate that clearly enough..
                  a failure of a write then, maybe
                  we live and learn..
                  still, I thank you for your well considered and insightful comment, I shall ponder my mistakes and try to insure I avoid making them in future write's, lol

                • mrbleasdale

                  What I love about your poetry is whilst fully understanding your message, I’m learning a lesson in language and use of words. I’m not the brightest as you can tell through my words, simple but too the point. I enjoy the journey and the expansion and opening up of my mind upon reading yours. Thank you for the education x

                  • L. B. Mek

                    how very kind of you dear poet, although in truth
                    there are far more accomplished poets on mps for you to take notes from..
                    still, I thank you for taking the time to write such an uplifting and meaningful comment

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