Take what’s missing

A lake so calm you can hear the ripples in the water. 

A man that wants to go everywhere but has no destination could not be bothered.

So he claims but as he gets lost may he make his name last for ages.

In a lost world of confused boys and girls maybe I can change the world a little starting by getting kids out of cages. 

Maybe I'll find a way to talk to each brother sister we find a common ground making life simple. 

To each their own, I'm far to grown for my past to keep eating me where do I go? 

I want to see all corners of earth I need answers what am I to become?

Thats not an answer I get from these fools here or for that fact anyone. 

In the world of wolves and sheep I prefer to be an eagle. 

I want to fly above the bullshit not to good not too evil. 

I have so much to learn please don't let me down. 

Frankly my mind is twisted I'm pretty slow but gifted. 

I dont have the most skill but I'm a hard working man, a man with little patience but only to my own short coming I try to understand.

Let this lake lead me to a river and I leave behind a good name in time as I take what's missing I take what's mine. 


  • yellowrose

    Interesting , engaging poem . I especially like the line “jn the world of wolves and sheep , I prefer to be an eagle “

    • Dakota

      Thank you 😊 I was hoping some would haha.

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Have been on that “lake so calm you can hear the ripples.”
      Great image, Dakota.

      • Dakota

        Thank you 🙏🏽

      • FredPeyer

        The line that stood out for me is "Frankly my mind is twisted I'm pretty slow but gifted". Aren't we all?

        • Dakota

          Yes sir no doubt about it

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