blue sparkle

Beautiful Creature

Yesterday seems like forever ago, so far away from my mind. All around me I see beautiful things. Water slips from my hands, angels with lovesick minds. My estimated calculations were canyons from the truth, so far away from reality. I was swallowed by the paranoia, the ghost from my past, heading towards my fate, the white glow of the morning. I seen Heaven, the waves in the pink sky. As I walked through the streets, into the forest, watching the birds from the windswept hill, below the low hanging clouds, life came to a standstill but my mind was in motion. I had taken on the role of the hunter, chasing after something almost unattainable, something beyond happiness, but all I felt was content, at peace for a second, at one with my nature. In the heart chamber, the core of the earth. I sympathize with life, my wild side. I've always wanted to be free, but I've always felt trapped, chained to my instinct. I become the animal, on the lonely path, surrounded by emotions, the regrowth of trees in acres of green fields. Spring is budding. Today I seen squirrels and ravens. The froth at the edge of the river turned at the web of my lip. I couldn't believe it, when I heard the longing cry. The dwelling monster in my throat turned over, to the rupture in the ceiling. I took the sunroot, said people are oceans, deep blue caves. Always wanting. I listen to songs for heartbroken boys. I realise now how everything is changing. Broken glass sparkles in the night.


  • Goddess of the Mist

    How lovely, ethereal. I got lost in it.

    • blue sparkle

      Thank you for reading and appreciate the comment.

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