L. B. Mek

Mundane Heroics


If rejection, awakens - your ambition. 

If ‘why not me’ is that resentment crutch - you learned to do without. 

If tomorrow is an actualisation plot and not - just a featherweight dream


then may luck bless those fruits of your endeavoured toiling

and crystallise your legacy of mindset cultivation, trailblazing 

as inspiration’s tool for others realisation

of introspection’s: self-validation


as a gateway to unending possibility

in our potentials carbon carat of clarity

within ambitious acts of selfless unity.



© L. B. Mek

August 2019


  • Olivia.

    “a gateway to unending possibility” a beautiful thing. Great write x

    • L. B. Mek

      thank you for highlighting a line that anchors the hopeful sentiment's in my scribble, dear poet

    • Fay Slimm.

      If "ambitious acts of selfless unity." drives us we become wordy heroes as this insightful verse.shows. That "mind-set cultivation " can raise us to "trailblazers" I wholeheartedly second my friend. An inspiring read.

      • L. B. Mek

        inspired by those mundane heroes we take for granted, sharing our own commutes and struggles..
        thank you for such an in-depth distillation of the message my write was hoping to convey, dear Fay

      • Goldfinch60

        "within ambitious acts of selfless unity." - such inspiring words Mek, id only more showed selfless acts.


        • L. B. Mek

          yeah, ideally
          but we don't really get too far when dictating or guilt-tripping others to act in a certain way, better I think: to heap praise on those we consider are striving to become a better person,
          those everyday heroes standing by our side or maybe even that stranger, being reflected in the mirror

        • Dove

          Each creation is greeted with likes, sometimes poorly presented and it amazes me how many likes it gets, then there’s those which I’ve spent hours working on, and they are ignored! I would say the labor is good for the soul, and the likes are just the aftermath one should not rely on to boost ones EGO,
          Of course, I’m referring to another site! But comments are always a joy!

          Lol , I hope I didn’t go off topic, Great Poem as always

          • L. B. Mek

            or maybe I just failed to understand your context, since so much of modern day interaction makes unqualified judge's of us all (a like, a thumbs-up, heart's and their poisonous - opposites),
            I'm not sure as to what specific element of modernity your comments are addressing, still
            I agree, excess is usually a negative influence for us all: be it extreme dependency on our need for others approval, or
            that egotistical obliviousness that never fails to bring out the monstrous greed, lurking in us all..
            there is a natural flow of temperate that nurtures those deeds that come to us instinctively, of our own volition
            if we strive to cultivate that lofty aspect of our lives, we inadvertently create a wall of indifference, to the external influences that await in our path..
            lol, or maybe not: 'what do I know?'

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