When a Hug is a Wordless Drug

when words don’t work ,and your feeling the hurt 

and all you can do is give a shrug 

and the red mist has steam coming out 

of your raging eyeballs and throbbing ear lugs 

always remember, when your carpet becomes a rug 

that a hug is a Wordless Drug 


when your feelings are burnt , and tears hit the dirt 

and your  feelings are about to erupt 

and you’ve smashed every plate ,saucer and cup 

and the police have arrived and locked you up in handcuffs 

Always remember , when your house becomes a hut 

that a hug is a Wordless Drug 


you can wear yourself out ,with worn out talk 

when forgiveness can’t be bought 

when your feeling less proud ,after the shouts 

arguing round , roundabouts , 

and you can get rid of the insects , but you’ve still got the bugs 

then you’ll , a Hug is a Wordless Drug 


when pain can’t disperse , and your lost for a tender verse 

and your tongue is glued , to some hurtful words 

and it feels like a coffin won’t fit the hearse 

and your tarmac road , becomes some boggy mud 

always remember , as you slam the door with a big thud 

that a hug is a Wordless Drug 



  • Munro

    Lol Thanks Rose , lot better thanks
    Have a great weekend

    • yellowrose

      The weekends no good ... so far ...thanks .... you have a good weekend , too ....

    • orchidee

      A fine write Munro.

    • Doggerel Dave

      'A Hug is a Wordless drug' is a really great line worth committing to memory.
      I find the rest of the poem in relation to this a little discombobulating (I like that word so I had to use it somewhere - thanks for the chance.)
      Your style is great - I enjoyed the the composition.

    • Munro

      discombobulating , that’s fine
      Great new word I haven’t heard of
      I don’t like doing the obvious
      So I can see your point ,
      But it just came to me like that
      So I don’t mess with the machinery unless it’s naff
      Thanks for liking it ,,Dave

    • FredPeyer

      You nailed it, Munro! I think that with enough smiles and hugs the pill companies would go out of business!

    • Goldfinch60

      Hugs are so important in our lives, hopefully soon they will return.


    • Munro

      Thanks to all nice poets on this great site who commented on my wee poem ,,,,,an after Covid hug for every poet

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