Joker Wood

You Tell Me...Circus or Forest?

The title is an idea
to ask all of you to tell me
like a vote;
So, what would it be?


Craving for love and laughter
in the image of The Joker
reality from The Vision of The Circus
colours everywhere
until the sunset...and repeat
solely for the Love of Being A Clown.


Fire raging
over the skies
riding every cloud
every single moment;
surviving every storm
to this moment when everything is gone.


Torn between two paths
and I thought to myself,
Why not I hear Your Heart Out Too?
Which one do you ‘True’?


Joker Green


  • aDarkerMind

    i would have to side with the vision of the circus. a loud and colourful affair;

  • L. B. Mek

    the most creative and purposed use of acrostic poetry
    I have seen in a while! a good read..
    write's like yours are hope's raindrops
    to ease our fury
    so be it clown or circus antics
    so long as you choose
    to believe and strive for the best
    of that potential you possess
    in each sipped breath, well
    it will all look a little more fun
    in that rear view mirror
    whenever you take a break
    from laughing out loud
    in the face of fate...

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