Island of Skye Song

I’m on the island of Skye 

where you never want to say goodbye 

I’m on the island of Skye 

where all Scottish hearts do lay 



and with your wings , fly above 

Looking down , on what you love 

imagine your a flying bird

taking in with your eyes 

Beautiful Skye 


where the cows warmly graze 

as the chilly morning  stays 

upon the Fields misty haze 

and the young lambs freely run


see the farmer walk from his Lewis cottage 

as his wife hastily says goodbye

and the clouds are lifting and life giving 

as the farmer stacks his baked hay 


and the farmers dogs are in the river

as we peep at a glimpse of sun 

and the birds sing in high yonder tree 

As you sing with your violin perfectly strung 



  • orchidee

    A lovely write M.

  • Goldfinch60

    Such a fabulous place is Skye, my wife and I went up there several times and loved being there.


  • Eugene S.

    It reminds me of T.H. White's, "The Once and Future King". Merlin transforms into a bird and 'oversees' everything. You're the master of your words, no doubt. Thanks for sparking my imagination.

  • jarcher54

    Sweet little tour... I can see it all thanks to your keen observations... reminds me a little of some of the descriptions from Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood as the narrator describes the events and characters in a Welsh seaside town.

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