Fortune and Losses

We tried to search but there was nothing 

gained, we hoped but we were distraught

as our hearts were deprived of hope- we

worked but in vain, we misplaced our feelings

and desire to find our inner hope, there

was nothing to hope for

our spirit failed us in the morning and

night. No one would comfort us and our

hope was in God of light, we were failed

by our hands, and failed in our schemes

we trusted in schemes to deliver us, our

hope had been planned to do away with our



All we had was rot and rust and cast our waste

to the whole earth, we couldn't gain through our

devises, we came upon our fate as we were led

astray and it was a forlorn existence, people had

bankrupt ideas and ideals that deluded us and

we were proud of what we could achieve

we worked effortlessly without success, we were

frustrated and disappointed to learn that life

had different objectives and proposal for us.

We had achieved what couldn't be achieved,

Our desire and motives created nightmares

we persisted in our expectations which became

our conundrum, there was a risk that no one

could understand, our struggles took a

lifetime of failure

We missed a chance to gain and we couldn't

find a way out of our misery, there was sweat

and toil as we tracked the road to nowhere,

we cast our pain to the wind, no one would

abandon their task as work half done, we 

unearthed a treasure that no man had known

before the beginning of time, we realised

there was no nation without a border and

there was no person without a neighbour and

we led unpredictable lives


Our ancestors couldn't provide the clues about

lives gained or lost, we lived in a vacuum

and void, we succeeded in acquiring all the

gains that life could provide.

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