Matthew's latest blank key


Impossible mission, nevertheless

I take figurative aim
to craft poem without
experiencing wrathful blame

avoiding explicitly, ignominiously, specifically...

referencing mine heterosexual counterpart

that infamous she,


whom did ruthlessly claim

yours truly as her husband

snatching mine happy

go lucky bachelorhood

two dozen plus decades ago

(revered singular status

belonging to me),


one latitudinally and longitudinally

i.e. height and weight challenged dame

during earlier years of our marriage

prone to prematurely ejaculate and exclaim

expletive laced epithets toward me

once burnt twice shy,

courtesy unidentified heartbreaker


nonetheless pledged

her troth and did coldly frame

wedded covenant predicted

on mutual (of Omaha)

perk hens pact regarding fidelity

abiding rules linkedin

with matrimonial adult game.


Henceforth any future

reasonable rhyme I crochet

with words must not mention

name of spouse lest she flay

these lovely bones

and verbally inveigh

husband hoot hook literary leeway

time gone by to broadcast blithely,

albeit electronically

which liberty not okay

the missus pointedly did relay.


No idea why personal details

(about myself) shared with zeal

(hoop fully to curry spicy reciprocity)

yours truly not exceptionally discriminatory,

when rusty cogs turn with much friction 

barnacle encrusted cerebral

spongy bobbing square wheel

likened to (nails scraping

across chalkboard) -

which action evokes screeching squeal


an artifact of yesteryear school days

seen courtesy thirty five millimeter

black and white silent newsreel

portraying parochial

(baby boomer) kids

analogous to well trained dogs did heel

good luck heading toward

principal office filing lament better off

seeking devil (who wears Prada

or the latest couture) to appeal.



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