The Reflection of You



Since I met you making me happier 

Defining most of my thoughts each day.

Your reflection seems like forever.

But your shadow lies the furthest way.


Some distance from our sunny horizon

A kite woven from the strands of heaven.

To the drowse row of this purple afternoon,

The virtual view we found more amazing.


Where hope embraces the beacon of light

The solidity of fireflies’ mystic feelings,

Whose immense radiance fills my heart, 

With you, a hue of transient rendezvous


Your reflection stretches across the ocean.

A display of beautiful heavenly sunrise.

It took me on a flight with brighter vision.

To capture and choke me with a surprise.


As the day left, you fill me with the silhouette.

Reflections of images sleeping on the petals.

Breathe in your fragrance warm as electric,

the connection blend reshapes renewals.


Opulence in solstice excites my desires.

Soft lips dripping with the sweet nectar.

pastel azure eyes to surmise the bare thighs.

The unwind ache hidden inside looked out far.


Amidst the stirring force swimming in my soul,

a passion wrenches your cloudy shadow.

From the vast crypto of that colossal world.

Showing aspects of your scintillating glow.


Distance creates the brush of magical charm.

That incredible self-worth has long been.

A talent living within your infinite dream.

The supreme uniqueness that you have seen.


Like an addiction to the solar enchantment

A rare gem of shade; endeavor to cherish.

all the transient sweetness I want to nourish.

And reflect upon that satin sensual moment.


Of priceless, treasure, majestic, and pretty

The breeze, tasting of loves fondant potions.  

Unleash a fantasy in the best panorama of reality.

That reflection was trapped, in the fleeting notions.

  • Author: Gerry Legister (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 8th, 2021 22:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: A view from afar
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 12
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